JA was created to ensure opportunities exist to allow any private individual to participate in the peaceful hands on robotic exploration of space. We create, encourage, fund, manage or otherwise support a wide range of open source, open access projects to make this a reality. From making specific pieces of infrastructure available to the global community, to conceiving and executing complete on orbit missions, a JA initiative provides open source, open access to space for all in partnership with students, professionals and private individuals. These are just a few of the more than two dozen initiatives implemented in house or with academic and commercial partners since 2010. Please note that not all projects have websites or are open for public participation as they may be under development or have been tests that are complete.


an annual workshop for the
Interplanetary CubeSat community
to meet and collaborate


 open source KickStarter project
that will give up to 315 people a spacecraft
they can call their own on orbit

lmpslog if you can’t explore space in person,
you can still send pictures and messages
on spacecraft going to interesting places


an open source, open access
network of ground stations supporting
CubeSat and PocketQub missions


an open source PocketQub project
allowing anyone to write and run
lsoftware on an in orbit satellite


open source mission control
application for for small satellite
operations and outreach


project to give 365 school children
the chance to each have the use
of a spacecraft in space free of charge


a 32mm x 32mm x 8mm / 10g payload
card format suitable for packing
99/1U CUbeSat, 8/1Q myPocketQub


build, launch, operate your own
open source open access
personal exploration spacecraft


CubeSat / ISS NanoLab capable of
printing functional spacecraft designs
created on the ground on orbit


a step by step to guide to designing,
building, launching and operating
CubeSats and PocketQubs

and many more open
source projects offering
affordable hands on
participation in personal
space exploration to


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